the water seller

many years ago there was a water seller known for his wiseness. a man asked him to learn something. the water seller said to him: “go bring some water to this address and i will teach you something”. the man went to the address, and there it  was a gambling room. there was a wheel of fortune, the customers bet their money on a outcome and if they run out of money the owner throw them out of the room. the man returned to the water seller  and ask him for the teaching. the water seller asked : “you didn’t saw what happened in the gambling room ?” the man was a little confused, “of course i saw what happened, and so what?” the water seller replied ” that was the teaching: the wheel is the illusion where the men bet each thing they have; the owner is death, that throw you out of the room when you loosed all that you bet, and you where the enlightened man” the man was astonished “me !?!? why?” the water seller answered “because you gave your contribution to the world without betting on the wheel”


when you do gambling you can be so taken from the game that the game becomes your reality. this is the normal condition of the men in this world. we are under the matter, we believe in luck, we pass from this world and we didn’t understand why. but there is no “why”. no reason in the world like there is no reason in a fortune wheel. this condition take place just because we have the wrong attitude towards the world. be inspired.


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