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Some month ago, i started to practice wing tsun under sifu Paolo Pasquini. i know very well all the criticism about the association he is in, but i found something interesting. i found something that you cannot express by language. during a lesson with sifu i realized that he was not teaching me with words, but with hands. at the end of the lesson i had reactions that i never had before the lesson; my body learned without the help of my conscious mind. i realized that much people talk and the ones that know stay in silence.

parallel to the lessons i take, in the free time, i’m doing my own thing. my movements, my dance, my art, no definition for that, i just call it “do”. to make it i’m using my body , a jo stick, a bo stick and a wing tsun long pole. i’m doing that just because i need to express what i have inside and make it more well ordered; for no other reasons.

probably all this accent i put on martial arts and philosophy is what i need to divert my mind from the political and social situation of my country (we are really on the edge and only few persons seems to notice it).

life is short, art is long.

good night.