meditations on the tetraktys – III – the rule of the furnace


who is the founder ?

in the dark a glowing light

stone melt into metal

from experience comes new ideas

metals melt into new alloys

thinking to thought combining

alloys separe into metals

analysis divide into factors

here is the world of your mind

nothing is rejected and everything combine

from the beginning of the universe


the world of the mind have a different rule, the rule of the furnace. the ideas of the men are similar from age to age and evolve combining with other ideas and taking pieces from old ideas . as an old italian proverb recites “man don’t invent, but discover” . this is the world of experience. problems are solved thanks to the mechanism of similitude and comparison . a child is not less intelligent than an adult, he just have less experience . intelligence, in fact , is often confused with superficial knowledge . but remember that intelligence is the attitude to solve problems, not the quantity of information you can remember. intelligence and stupidity don’t have any relation with a grade , diploma or certificate.

be inspired