Zensufi therms

Going on with the blog i will add therms to this page.

brahman : hindu therm , defined as “supreme, universal Spirit that is the origin and support of the phenomenal universe” .

evil one (the) : fictional figure. Is used in zensufi stories to exemplify the concepts of ego and temptation.  it is also a negative source of wisdom because the actions he do to divert people from the way can explain the way from another point of view .

god : the supreme being , perfect, infinite, base of our reality , not definable by language , synonym of truth (see), tao (see) , brahman (see) , T.O.E. (see) ; the only really existent being .

hajra : pilgrimage within the self of a person , searching for truth (see) . the word derive from the arab “hajj” meaning pilgrimage

koan : a short zen story based on a nonsense or evident contradiction, employed to stop the conscious thinking of a student

lotus : Nelumbo Nucifera , a watery flower diffused specially in asia, where is considered a very important symbol. its life development from the seed to the flower is considerer a metaphor of the developing of men’s conscience.

mala : a rosary or necklace made of knots or beads , in general used to count exercises , prayers or mantras (see) .

mantra : an ensemble of sounds that can have a meaning or not , to be repeated continuously during meditation to achieve a changes in the “shape of the mind” or , in superstitious or magical practice, to achieve advantages or effects on reality .

sufi : islamic (mainly sunni) schools of mysticism , claimed to be born at the time of prophet muhammad with the intent of inquire on god will. sufi are in general monistic & pacifist & tend to interpret islamic rules in their own way . Very often they are adverse to fundamentalism.

tao : taoist therm defined as “the primordial essence or fundamental nature of the universe”

T.O.E. : in modern physic the T.O.E. or Theory Of Everything is a unified theory that explain reality both in big & subatomic scale . nobody found an acceptable one yet .

Truth : real fundament of reality , god (see) , tao (see) , T.O.E (see) , brahman (see) ; an entity or rule not definable by words that regulates reality.

zen : bhuddist school founded in china by Bodidharma around 500 a.c. the principle of this school “without scriptures” is a poetry that recites :

« a special tradition outside of the scriptures (教外別傳)
not depending from words & letters (不立文字)
pointing directly to heart-mind of man (直指人心)
that see in is own nature & reach buddhahood (見性成佛)  »

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